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  • Acoustirack

    Client’s concern

    we were under an impression that we had the best it infrastructure and our employees

  • Data Center

    Client’s challenges

    we had some major concerns regarding data center management. our data center consists of thousands

  • IRack Block

    Client’s challenges

    pc蛋蛋28加拿大官方下载as we were planning to move out of the co-location dc setup and build our own in-house

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pc蛋蛋28加拿大官方下载intelligent rack access controller, designed and manufactured with highest quality standards to control & manage front & back door of rack / enclosures. the system is reliable easy to install with minimum support and can be installed in new racks and retrofitted on existing racks.

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pc蛋蛋28加拿大官方下载pdu with inbuilt reliable circuit board with digital display and can be programmed to show current, voltage or power or roll over on pdu level. this pdu is designed to bridge gap between conventional and intelligent pdu where in user map the load on the pdu and avoid over loading and mcb tripping.

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innovation is the mother of all inventions and it is very crucial in providing products that blend with the trend. with the advancement in technology, netrack ensures to implement futuristic ideas and techniques to develop innovative rack solutions which are cost-effective, reliable and environmentally-friendly thereby satisfying client’s preferences. netrack has a team of experts that constantly research to stimulate incremental improvements. with their technical repositories, they can effortlessly face the challenges.

pc蛋蛋28加拿大官方下载netrack’s comprehensive strategy and a unique methodology in supporting exquisite and innovative products for varied usage of different industrial applications have helped to build a strong bond with their customers.

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